Englewood, TennesseeEnglewood Christian Church

One Christ, One Body, Love for All

The mission of Englewood Christian Church is...to carry out the
Great Commission through love, biblical training, and service.

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Behavioral Aims

Members of Englewood Christian Church are to reach out to our community and region to find the spiritually lost and invite to church those who are unchurched or are looking for a church home.

Members of Englewood Christian Church are to become mature Christians through life-long biblical training, service, Christ-like development, and remain flexible to meet generational needs.

Leaders of Englewood Christian Church will exhibit member qualities expected of them as well as be loving shepherds who are willing to exercise Christ's authority given to their position which includes spiritual guidance, visionary thinking, gentle correction, and playing an active role in church activities.

Members of Englewood Christian Church will consider it their responsibility to nurture new members to Christian maturity. This process requires a dedicated life-long mentorship.


Englewood Christian Church
PO Box 67 / 308 Englewood Avenue
Englewood, TN 37329
Phone: 423-887-7837